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How to become a youtuber: the first steps

A guide on how to become a youtuber is essential for those entering the world of YouTube for the first time.
The youtuber profession can lead to great satisfactions, including economic ones. You just have to consider the channel numbers to convince yourself.

What is video storytelling and why it is important

The success of social media has forced video storytelling into the world of marketing. The brands began to realize how important it was to follow the trend and so the further branch of visual storytelling focused on video became more and more established.

The best short films awarded in the last 15 years

Short films have a duration which does not exceed 30 minutes. To tell a story in such a short space of time there is a need for great skill, both narrative and directorial. That is why the Oscars have created two categories to reward these short films: the one dedicated to the best short filmsand the one for the best animated short films.